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Hoverboards are often called Self Balancing Scooter. Ride this scooter is just like Skateboard riding. The rider can control the speed of the hoverboard by leaning forward or backward and change the direction by twisting the pads.

IMG_4320 (1).JPG

HoverMat is just like a mini kart that transforms the hoverboard into a seated, three-wheeled vehicle that is stable, maneuverable, and FUN!

Easy to control and learn and it's high speed can make you feel excited!


Reaching forward speeds of up to 6 miles per hour, this innovative ride-on is sure to be a hit with little thrill-seekers. Accelerator and brake pedals allow the rider to control the speed of the HoverFish with ease. Kids will love learning how to maneuver around obstacles with the unique steering technique. Lean left and right to do quick turns.

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